Wherever it takes you, we´re moving with you.

    Starting over the easy way - with DMS Ridder. We are part of the DMS Deutsche Möbelspedition and for that reason we belong to a group of Germany‘s favourite private and business moving companies. Why is that so? Because the main ambition is to make you forget you´re moving while you´re moving.

    Business relocation

    Startup. Consolidation. Relocation. In the long run, there are many good reasons for business relocation. But at first, such a move may entail a loss of synergies. To accomplish it as smoothly as possible is the core business of DMS Ridder. In the past decades we have developed standards and systems that allow your employees to work almost undisturbed during the relocation phase. Trust in our expertise! You can count on the excellent services of DMS Ridder, whether you´re moving an office or relocating an entire company. 

    Private removals

    Life is hectic enough as it is. So just select our "Premium Service" and everything it includes to make moving less strenuous: For example disassembly and reassembly of all your furniture, packing and unpacking of the boxes, or even the final cleaning of your old flat. If you want to turn your move into a great experience, we´ll even provide digital room planning and re-fill your closets and cabinets. Or just tell us what else we can do for you.

    Relocation of archives

    Press archives, music archives, photo archives, city and state archives: Archives are not only valuable but due to their elaborate structure they are also extremely sensitive to change and to movement.  To ensure no single document, exhibit or file gets lost during the relocation of an archive, we process and transport your archive with utmost care and know-how. Every single piece is returned to its original place. Yet you have full access to it before, after, and even during the relocation.

    Relocation of libraries

    Heavy reading is easy to move - with DMS. With our customized packing and transportation material we relocate your library in part or in its entirety safely, speedily, efficiently and at a reasonable price. We systemize your collection so that your "A"s and "B"s don´t get mixed up and you find everything in its place. As an option, we also offer safeguarding measures like a professional book cleaning service. Give us a call and we´ll devise appropriate steps and services tailored to your needs.


    Safekeeping done properly! DMS Ridder has devised exact procedures and solutions for temporary or permanent storage of files, furniture, tyres, even vehicles and machinery, storage meeting the requirements of both material and product. No matter what it is: Consumer goods, trade or commissioned goods, we store and manage them as you would expect a logistics expert to do it: Resistant to temperature and humidity, and safe. Give us a call and find out about the multiple options we offer!